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Unlock the power of solar energy with our easy and affordable energy solution. Say goodbye to high electricity bills and load shedding. Switch to clean, renewable energy today!

Solar For Your Business

Solar For Your Home

No more being left in the dark, set yourself free from load shedding

Benefits of Zamlim Power 

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    Simplifies solar power topic into concept that makes it easy for customers to understand

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    Our team are not just electricians, but include sustainability experts, consultants and ordinary people that share the same fears and concerns of you as a customer

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    We have partnered with the best inverter, battery and solar panel supplier to ensure minimal delays to installation and to guarantee a satisfactory after-installation customer service.

What we offer

We want to make your transition to solar as easy and efficient as possible. This is how we can help you

System designed for your household needs

We design systems from a basic backup for wifi & light through to a full off-grid solution for home and small businesses

Access to financing

We are able to provide access to financing via SA’s largest banks

Reliable Technology

We have partnered with the best solar technology supplier and all our systems are smart and wifi enabled

Great after-care service

We provide 3 free after-care visits post installation of your solar system

Zamlim Power Plans

We have a range of options to best suite your needs depending on your use case


Lights, TV, Decoder, Wi-Fi, Phone Charging

Perfect for young, single professionals in apartments

Starting From R15,000.00


Lights, TV, Decoder, CCTV, Electric Fence, Fridge

Perfect for young families living in cozy households

Starting From R45,000.00


Lights, TV, Decoder, CCTV, Electric Fence, Fridge,Dishwasher

Perfect for mature families in larger properties looking for large back-up solutions

Starting From R100,000.00


Lights, TV, Decoder, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Electric Fence, Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, Garage Doors, Borehole

Perfect for families looking to commence their off-grid journey

Starting From R120,000.00


Lights, TV, Decoder, CCTV, Electric Fence, Microwave, Fridge, Garage Doors, Borehole, Booster Pump, Air Con, Swimming Pool

Perfect for large households looking to reduce their exposure to Eskom

Starting From R230,000.00

Get in touch

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. Our professional consultants will do an assessment and present the best solution for your use

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Ready to Save up to 90% on Your Electricity Bill?

South Africans can convert a sizeable portion of their electricity supply to self-generated solar and save between 80-90% on their electricity bills while paying off their system.

How It Works

Solar Power has a set of 3 main ingredients

Solar Panels

Sit on your roof, work during any type of daylight including overcast or rainy days and generate power


A computer that manages power between Eskom and sunlight generated power


Batteries store excess power generated during the day for use when there is no Eskom Supply

What You Get

Using Zamlim Power, no matter what option you choose, the one thing we can assure you is peace of mind.


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Friendly Solution

Friendly Solution to all properties

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Investing in clean, renewable, and efficient energy is essential for the health of the planet and the well-being of future generations.

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